Do you still believe in harder, better, faster, stronger?

We believe in community.

What the hell is community marketing?


Community marketing is a new way to market your products. It is adapted to today's reality and changed consumer behavior.

Although most companies still focus on being better, faster or stronger than the competition, most customers are looking for something different. Consumers nowadays are interested in brands that are a part of their community and speak the same language. They find product quality self-evident and are more interested in the product’s impact on their lifestyle.

Community marketing is a new way to market your products. It is adapted to today’s reality and changed consumer behavior. Community marketing is not based on technological hypes, but serves as the right base to start any innovation process.

Community marketing is not a one-hit wonder campaign, but a long-term strategy that supports building rapport and serves as a guide in all communication across channels. It is a way to really put the customer in the center of everything you do, and not just tell everybody that you do.

And finally, it is our passion so don’t hesitate to invite us for a chat because we just love to talk about it.

What do we bring to the table?


We are not consultants or a creative agency, we don’t preach our theory from an ivory tower or help you create a one-hit wonder. We guide your company in every step on the way to become part of a community and hand you a practical guidebook on how to communicate with them.

First we create insiders, the first adopters, people within your company that share our passion for connecting with customers. We guide, train and inspire them in a way they can truly understand the project and are proud to be a part of it.

Then we coach your insiders to compose your core story line: the big idea that explains in one sentence the common divider between what your company does and what your customer wants. The strategy that allows you to be consistent over time and efficient in communication.

Based on the story line, we create manuals that give guidance to all different departments that encounter your customer and their community - from product development, over social media and marketing to sales.

We give you a head start to become part of a community by introducing your brand to the community’s most important influencers or help you discover what triggers them.

What is the result of our passage?


Community marketing is not the right strategy if you are looking for a quick fix or short term reach. It is, however, the only way to truly connect with your customer in the long run.

We help you increase your brand awareness within the right community by stimulating word of mouth of the right story.

Once you become a part of a community customers will accept your brand as one of them, which results in increased customer loyalty.

As a member of the community customers recognise your added value, which gives them a reason to pay a price premium.

Are you feeling us?


RPPRT can support your company strategically, creatively and commercially.

Before we can start building a rapport between you and your community, the right chemistry needs to be in place between us, too. Before you invite us over for a first date, here’s our online dating profile so you can figure out whether we could be the right match for your company.

Community marketeers seeking Client to build Rapport

Youthful enough to favor optimism over cynicism, experienced enough to identify the commercial reality.

We don’t color before we draw. In other words: we create the right strategic path to stay consistent over time, and then use our creativity to keep that strategy relevant and fresh.

We like to keep things simple. It’s a noisy world out there, but we don’t let shiny new things blind us. The art of marketing and communication is still the art of telling your service or product story to the right audience. We like to uncomplicate matters, do away with expensive theories or buzzwords, and focus on the essence. In other words: we believe in stripped down marketing that does exactly what it promises to do.

We’re part of the flexible network economy. Rather than trying to have an in-house person for everything, we like to stay connected to the world of experts out there and put together a team of specialists that is made-to-measure to suit each client’s needs. There’s no room for excess baggage in our world.

A company that knows building a bond with the customer is about more than just the numbers, more than just communication, more than fancy digital campaigns. One that realizes marketing is about all of that, and so much more. A company that is not looking for a specialist in just one department, but for a partner who will work to integrate different relevant disciplines in one coherent and creative overall story.

Clients interested in a one-night-stand. We prefer long-term strategy over one-hit wonders, and are in it for the long haul.

Curious about rapport?